Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is scary...

90,000 sex offenders have been kicked off! You can read the full story here.

It creeps me out that there are so many sex offenders in our country, but it really makes me sick to think they're computer savvy enough to be on myspace! I'm not even on myspace!

The technology used to identify these people on myspace is now being applied to Facebook. They've turned up 8,000 over there so far.

It just makes me sick.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Want to Hate Britney Spears!

You know, Britney Spears recently posted some pictures on her website taken while she was rehearsing for her upcoming tour.

Before I say my piece about these pictures, here's a very quick summary of the history of my feelings on Britney Spears: When she first made her way onto the scene I was indifferent, mainly because I've never been much of a pop music fan. Eventually, I couldn't stand the sight of her as a result of over-saturation. Then, she got married in Vegas, and I kind of related to her emotional, rash decision making. I was a little on her side. Then, she got married and started having babies. She was kind of out-of-site-out-of-mind. Then she did the interview with Matt Lauer, and I felt so sorry for her. Then, she had her "breakdown," or whatever the media decided to call it, and I started rooting for her.

When she appeared this year at the MTV Music Awards and walked away with three awards, I knew she was finally getting back on track. Then she posted those pictures on her website.

I finally realized, that I will actually be at peace with this situation once I can start hating her out of jealousy. I actually WANT to hate her for being so perfect. She deserves it after the incredibly long life she's lived in so little time. I was a single mother, and it was hard enough without the entire world watching and judging my every move. That reason alone is enough to root for her.

Go Britney! I can't wait to hate you!


Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm a sucker for these kinds of videos. (I still get choked up watching the "We Are The World Video"!)

Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore asked a bunch of their celebrity friends to make "Pledges" to President-Elect Barack Obama. The result is this very inspiring 4 minute video.

Check it out...
MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Golden Globes!!!

If you missed the Golden Globes, has EXCELLENT coverage on their site.

If you haven't seen the movie "In Bruge" (pronounced Broozh), then you must definitely see it. I absolutely loved it and was so glad to see it get some recognition at the Globes.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Whew! Made It Through The Holidays... Sort Of.

I can't believe it! We made it through the holidays (7 Christmases for my family so far) and are on our way to unwinding the right way on New Year's Eve! We technically still have one Christmas left to attend on January 3rd. That's how you know we have a humongous family--we're actually scheduling Christmas into the New Year. How many did you have?

We don't have any set plans for New Year's Eve, but I do have a Foxtown City Limits is having some great live bands in including Alex Moore. If you hear of any other hot spots for New Year's Eve in Pittsburg, be sure to post it!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Skee-Ball Challenge

Yesterday I was minding my own business in the studio during my show, when Mike Snow, one of our sports guys, came in bragging on his Skee-ball skills. I immediately challenged him to a game to take place today down at the arcade here on the mall. We're going to video the game, so I'll try to have it posted on here or on the Rock Rev website later today.

Here's why I will win: Mike is an all-around sports player. He has divided his athletic efforts amongst football, basketball, golf, and various other sports his entire life. I found out from a very young age that I'm not good at anything except Skee-ball. Therefore, I have been able to concentrate my efforts on this particular game. Moreover, I am not afraid to cheat to win.

Results coming later today...


Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is Strange...

Holy cow. You have got to read this article!

This reminds me of Brandon Lee.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is Sacreligious!

I love Rolling Stone magazine, but their current glorification of that--that THING on Brad Pitt's upper lip is like Angus Young performing in a cowboy hat! It's just wrong, so, so wrong.

I don't blame Brad. (In fact, I quit blaming Brad for anything once he divorced Jennifer Aniston and started shacking up with ol' what's-her-lips. At that point, I felt he must be suffering through some kind of early-onset dementia and therefore not accountable for his own actions.) But how can Rolling Stone go from making the otherwise-not-that-cute Jonas Brothers look almost handsome to making BrAdonis look so... Tom Skerritt-ish?

Shame on them.


NFL Layoffs

So, the NFL has announced a 14% layoff at their Headquarters, NFL Films, NFL Network, and They say they are doing this in response to the economy. How stupid do they think we are? Seriously, the regular season ends in a couple of weeks. They would most likely be making these layoffs no matter what the economy is like. They are just trying to save face with the public. Apparently, they think they public is pretty simple-minded.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Robert Pattinson is NOT Cute!

No, I haven't read the books by Stephanie Meyer, and no I haven't even seen the new Twilight movie. But I know for sure, that I don't find Robert Pattinson attractive in the least. Please, men everywhere, do NOT try to emulate this guy. His "dirty" look is not sexy, it's gross. Don't get me wrong, I like a dirty man once in a while if he's dirty from WORKING HARD! This guy is trying to pull off some greasy-chic look, and it's not working for any woman with half a brain. (Then again, maybe he's not looking for a smart chick at this stage of his life.)

That being said, Robert Pattinson had a great quote in this issue of Britain's Closer magazine:

"The stuff I find attractive in women I always regret finding attractive. I always like a kind of madness in a woman, and when they are really, really strong. And they're the worst - mental strong women!"

I laughed out loud over the phrase "mental strong women," but took his comment in context and thought about how many guys I know with the exact same problem. Ironically, most of those guys are ex-boyfriends.


Bon Scott on the Big Screen... Sorta

As you probably know by now, I'm a huge AC/DC fan. Rumor has it, there's a movie in the works about the life of Bon Scott, AC/DC's late lead singer. From what I've read, (he passed away when I was an infant) he had a thrilling life. The makers of the movie are trying to get the remaining member's of AC/DC to approve the project. has a great article on this.



You know, I have 47 people on my "HAVE-to-buy-for" Christmas list and another 13 on my "SHOULD-buy-for" list. My husband and I both come from split homes, so we have 6 Christmases this year. (We're skipping out on 2!) I really feel like my divorced parents should pay for at least half our gifts we have to buy, but my husband says no way. Anyhow, I wrote a whole article on how to Christmas shop with little or no money for It's in the "Feature Articles" section on the left-side menu. Check it out and let me know if you have any more ideas. As I said, I have a LOT of people to shop for...


Monday, November 17, 2008

Led Zeppelin-ish Tour?

We've been hearing the rumblings for a while now about a possible Led Zeppelin tour in the near future. One may readily dismiss such rumors when one hears Robert Plant say he won't tour for at least two years and Jimmy Page say the "Led Zeppelin" will not tour without Plant.

In addition, the rumors circulating that Page and fellow Led members John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham have been rehearsing with possible fill-in lead singers such as Steven Tyler, Chris Cornell, Jack White, Dave Grohl and Myles Kennedy might leave fans scratching their heads.

The new talk in the music industry and the scuttlebutt amongst fans says Page, Jones, and Bonham may be ready to tour with a guest singer under another name.

That's a pretty good idea. This will help keep loyalist fans from becoming enraged at the idea of tarnishing Zeppelin's good name with false members.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mr. President

Well, no matter who you voted for, you have to admit that last night was an unreal experience. Do you realize, some day our grandchildren will be asking us if we remember where we were when we heard America had elected its first black president? We are right in the middle of the next generation's history book!

Did anyone else feel like it happened really fast?

I was watching the coverage and thinking, "Ok, well, Obama only needs 65 electoral votes, McCain is down by almost a hundred, but he could still make a comeback--" and then BOOM! They announced Barack Obama as the President-elect.

It was insane! And the pandemonium in Grant Park? Oprah Winfrey packed in the crowd like a sardine? This is history people!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

RRN Does It Again

Real Rock News has a great post on the character and practices of Rush's Neil Peart.

Peart performed at a Buddy Rich Tribute last month and showed his very awesome true colors as described by the guys at RRN.

Check it out and leave them a comment if you get a chance.